Are 3D-printed cabinets the next big thing in interior design?

3D printers have already become popular in the world of tech. They’ve been used to print machine parts, toys, and even some medical equipment. But can 3D printers be used for interior design?

3D printers in the news

3D printers have made headlines in the design world recently.

The German designer Bastian Müller has found a way to 3D-print fabrics. He’s created street style and activewear which is water-repellent, breathable, and even protects you from bumps and bruises.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, the first ever 3D-printed bridge is being built out of solid steel. So are these the tools of the future – or just another fad?

Will your new kitchen cabinets be 3D-printed?

3D printing isn’t a finished technology yet. It’s still very, very slow and very, very expensive. And despite the inventions we talked about earlier, most 3D printers are still limited to printing in cheap plastics.

Many cabinet designers are starting to use other modern technologies instead, like artificial intelligence or 3D imaging. That’s computer technology which allows designers to experiment with ideas on a computer screen, and try out different virtual designs.

But for now, there’s no replacement for human skill and craftsmanship. If you are looking for custom cabinets, designed for your unique home, then you’ll still need human designers, manufacturers, and installers.

But who knows? Maybe ten years from now, we’ll be telling a very different story!

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