What’s the best way to maintain your bathroom cabinets?

In one of our recent posts, we talked about how to keep your kitchen cabinets spick and span. Today, we’re looking at bathrooms. What’s the best way to keep bathroom cabinets clean and fresh?

1.   Minimize moisture

The biggest challenge for bathrooms is the amount of moisture in the air, due to the condensation from baths and showers. So the first thing you need to do is make sure that your bathroom is ventilated properly. Any bathroom design should include windows, fans, or ventilation shafts to keep the air dry.

You can also protect your cabinets from too much moisture by wiping your cosmetics and toiletries dry. For example, if you splash water on a bottle of bubble bath, don’t put it away while it’s still wet.

2.   Don’t crowd the space

You can also protect your bathroom cabinets by using them correctly. Don’t crowd the space with endless jars and bottles. Work with your interior designer to make sure that you have enough storage space. Do a regular clear-out, where you get rid of empties or products that you don’t use.

3.   Pick the right shelving

This might seem obvious, but different cabinets and shelving are appropriate for different tasks. For example, you can keep cosmetics and hair straighteners in a simple cabinet or drawer. But if you want a shelf for shower toiletries, an open design is more suitable. High quality towel rails will also help keep moisture to a minimum.

Finally, make sure that your bathroom cabinets and shelves are made of the right materials. They should be resistant to moisture and stains over time. Talk to your bathroom designer about what will suit your needs best.

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