The 5 biggest bathroom design mistakes

Planning a bathroom make-over? Building a new place? Before you make any decisions, check through our list of bathroom design disasters. Avoid these mistakes if you want to create an effective, cozy space.

1. Bad lighting

It’s the most common mistake in bathroom designs: not enough light. Or too much light. Or light in all the wrong places.

Bathroom lighting involves some compromise. You need good, clear lighting around mirrors or in the center of the room… but you also need soft lighting during the night or while you soak in the tub.

Spot lighting or dimmer lights can help solve the problem, but we recommend bringing in an expert to create the perfect lighting set-up.

2. Not enough ventilation

Hopefully, this point is obvious! Bathrooms are wet, damp places. There’s a lot of moisture in the air. So your design should include plenty of ventilation – whether natural or fan-driven. 

Adequate heating, drainage, and the right building materials are also key here. Choose materials that won’t warp or split for your bathroom cabinets.

3. Scary colors

We believe that every bathroom should feel like a sanctuary. It’s a comfortable space where you prepare for the day ahead… or retreat for a bath after a tough day at work. So your design should match the mood! Choose soft colors for your bathroom décor, and don’t pick a trendy color unless you’ll still love it in six months’ time. Make sure your lighting complements the color scheme.

4. Not enough storage space

When you think about it, you need a lot of stuff in a bathroom. Towels, shower accessories, medicine cabinet, make up… the list goes on. 

But a messy bathroom is not a calming space. Invest in some good, custom-fitted bathroom cabinets so that you can keep everything tidied away.

5. Not enough shelf space

And finally, following up on our previous point… you need space to work in the bathroom.

This looks different for everybody: perhaps a vanity with mirrors, or a simple shelf along one wall. If you spend time each day on hair or make up, then consider adding a bathroom chair so that you can sit comfortably. 

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