Need more bathroom storage space? Try these 4 ideas

In one of our recent blogposts, we talked about the top 5 most common mistakes in bathroom design – including not enough storage space. So here are 4 ideas which might help you find a little more bathroom storage… without compromising on a great design.

#1 Floating shelves

Floating shelves have been really popular in 2019, and we think this trend is here to stay. Instead of closed cabinets that stand on the floor, people are choosing open, free-floating shelves.

Floating shelves usually offer a little bit less space than conventional cabinets. However, they also make small rooms look larger and more open. If you’re working with a small bathroom space, then consider lightweight floating shelves.

#2 Ladder shelves

Here’s another shelving style that works well for small spaces. It’s a great look for rustic or vintage bathroom designs. Instead of cabinets or floating shelves, set up a wooden “ladder” with several shelves joined by vertical slats, leaning against the wall at an angle. The best part: you can use the rungs of the ladder for hanging up towels, as well as storage.

#3 Space under the sink

Whether you have a standing sink or have embraced the floating trend, you can put that empty space under your sink to good use. Install a small shelf near ground level for cleaning products, or a neat little vanity to hold toiletries and bathroom essentials.

#4 Portable trolleys

This retro option has a lot of charm. Instead of shelves or cabinets, try keeping your bathroom items on a small trolley that you can move around, or wheel in and out. It’s convenient, portable, and offers at least two shelves of storage space.

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