Pros and cons of birchwood kitchen cabinets

Welcome back to our regular blog series, where we discuss the different materials available for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This week, we’re talking about another classic natural wood: birchwood cabinets.

What is birchwood?

Birch is a slim, hardwood tree that mostly grows in the northern hemisphere, across the United States, Canada, and northern Europe. It’s been used by people for centuries to make furniture, medicines, and even paper. And, if traditional meanings are important to you, birchwood symbolizes growth and stability in Celtic traditions. We’d say that’s a good symbol to have in your home!

Pros and cons of birchwood cabinets

Birchwood is a hardwood, so birch cabinets are very durable and resistant. However, that same hardness can make them hard to work – so it’s best to have custom birchwood cabinets made by skilled carpenters, and installed by the experts.

Birchwood cabinets are exceptionally beautiful. The wood has a pale, silvery-blond color with a light, satiny shine. Some varieties of birchwood have natural ripple patterns, which make for a unique design, but may be more expensive.

Birchwood is also very resonant. It’s the wood of choice for building speakers and musical instruments because it vibrates perfectly with musical sounds. So if you plan to include a sound system in your kitchen or home remodel, then birchwood is a great option.

As with every natural wood, birchwood cabinets are an investment. If you’re looking for more affordable options, consider birchwood veneers. Because birchwood is flexible and durable, high quality veneers should last for years before they need replacing.

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