Need more bathroom storage space? Try these 4 ideas

bathroom storage

In one of our recent blogposts, we talked about the top 5 most common mistakes in bathroom design – including not enough storage space. So here are 4 ideas which might help you find a little more bathroom storage… without compromising on a great design. #1 Floating shelves Floating shelves have been really popular in […]

Do you need a home wine cabinet?

Home bars

We’re often asked to build custom kitchen cabinets to maximize storage space, or to fit in with an unusual kitchen design. But there are also specialist cabinet types. Today, we’re talking about wine cabinets for home kitchens – what they are, how they work, and whether you need one. What is a wine cabinet? A […]

Pros and cons of pinewood cabinets

pinewood cabinets

In this week’s blogpost, we’re focusing in on pine wood: one of the most popular materials for carpenters and custom cabinet makers. Here’s everything you need to know about where pine comes from, and the pros and cons of pinewood cabinets. All about pine wood Pine trees grow all over the northern hemisphere, and there […]

New trend for bathroom design: 3-D tiles

bathroom design

At DKB Cabinetry, we follow all the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design. We’ve already noted the fashion for tile accents and tiled walls in 2019. Now here’s the next stage: 3-D, textured tiles. What are 3-D tiles? 3-D tiles are exactly what they sound like. Instead of being flat and smooth, they’re shaped […]

The 5 biggest bathroom design mistakes


Planning a bathroom make-over? Building a new place? Before you make any decisions, check through our list of bathroom design disasters. Avoid these mistakes if you want to create an effective, cozy space. 1. Bad lighting It’s the most common mistake in bathroom designs: not enough light. Or too much light. Or light in all […]

What is lyptus wood?

lyptus wood

If you take a look at the DKB gallery of traditional kitchen designs, you might have spotted an unusual description. One of our favorite projects was a kitchen, fitted with cabinets in soft white… “with lyptus”. In today’s blog, we explain what lyptus is – and why it’s such a great material for your kitchen […]

Here is your list of zero waste kitchen essentials

We all care about the environment – and many of us are trying to cut down on the amount of plastic we use. If you’re interested in the zero-waste lifestyle, here are some easy ways to upgrade your kitchen routine. Get set up with storage First things first – stop using single-use plastic. This is […]

Ideas for the space above your kitchen sink

kitchen design

The kitchen sink is the center of a busy family kitchen. Like it or not, you’ll spend a lot of time standing over the sink while you prepare food and wash dishes. So the space above your kitchen sink is actually an essential point in your design. Don’t spend your time staring at a blank […]

What is a bathroom vanity?


One of our favorite parts of a bathroom renovation is helping people choose the right bathroom vanity. So this week, we’re looking into the history of this essential item – and its curious name. Where does the word “vanity” come from? Yes, bathroom vanities were originally named after the concept of “vanity” – being vain. […]

4 ideas for custom cabinet handles you haven’t seen before

custom cabinet handles

When you choose custom cabinets for your kitchen, bath or home renovation, then the details are important. From choosing the material to taking measurements for your kitchen cabinets, there are a lot of decisions to be made. So today, we’re focusing in on a key detail that some people overlook: cabinet door handles! Leather handles […]

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