Marie Kondo’s tips to declutter your kitchen and bathroom

Marie Kondo has shot to fame with her mission to cut clutter out of our lives. Maybe you’ve read the book, or seen the Netflix series – or just heard everyone talking about the famous KonMari method!

And she has some specific advice to keep your kitchen and bathroom in order. As we know at DKB Cabinetry, the foundation of a great space is great design. So the last thing you want to do is cover up your beautiful kitchen or bathroom with mess and clutter.

Keep your bathroom and kitchen accessories dry

The bathroom and kitchen are the most humid rooms in the house. Think of all those showers, baths, and dishes to be washed!

Kondo recommends drying your bathroom toiletries after every use. Then put them away in cupboards and cabinets. If you leave toiletries in the shower or beside the tub, then they will attract moisture, dirt, and even mold.

In the kitchen, you need to make sure that dishcloths and tea towels are properly dried and aired. Hang them up after every use – in sunlight, if possible. Make sure they are regularly changed and laundered.

Countertops are for working – not storage

When you design or redecorate your kitchen, one of the biggest choices you make is about the kitchen counter. Granite or marble? Colored or monochrome?

So, after that big decision, why would you cover it up with a load of clutter? Use elegant, space-efficient cabinets to store your groceries, condiments, and cooking tools.

That leaves the countertop free for preparing food, enjoying meals, or simply sitting down with a cup of coffee and a magazine. It’s easier to clear and wipe down, too!

Picture your dream space

Kondo says that you should always keep your eyes on the prize: a beautiful, clutter-free space. Just like when you planned your kitchen design, think carefully about what your ideal space would be. Then tidy, clean, and de-clutter until you achieve it.

Countertops Kitchen

Don’t keep junk around

Most famously, Kondo asks people if their possessions “spark joy”. Of course, in a kitchen or bathroom, you have plenty of necessary items. But make sure you’re not mixing those necessities up with unnecessary junk. And even your essential items can be neatly stored away.

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