4 kitchen layouts to maximize light and space

The shape and size of your kitchen is fundamental to its design. It controls how many cabinets you can fit in, and where. But it’s also a matter of taste: where do you feel comfortable? How does the shape of your kitchen fit your family and social life? Let’s take a look at 4 different kitchen layouts, designed to maximize space and light.

Island kitchen layout

The island kitchen is iconic in modern design. Line up cabinets and utilities around the walls of your kitchen – then break up the central space with an island.

You can top the island with a granite countertop, or use it as a dining surface. Add hidden cabinets, display shelves, or bar seating. And you can choose a shape that suits the space, from long counters to round islands, or even a modernist kidney shape.

L-shaped kitchen layout

The L-shaped layout is a classic favorite. Kitchen designers often talk about the “task triangle”, where you place your stove, refrigerator and sink on three points of a triangle. This fits the L-shaped kitchen perfectly, and allows you to move smoothly between kitchen chores.

It also leaves the central space free for socializing, dining, and family time. You could even combine designs by adding a small kitchen island.

U-shaped kitchen layout

U-shaped kitchens are the most versatile design. Once again, it suits the “task triangle”, distributing your kitchen utilities and storage evenly around the space.

The U-shaped layout is extremely efficient, and it can fit small or large space. However, in smaller kitchens, it can seem a little crowded or dark. So be sure to brighten up the design with glossy cabinet doors, white or steel utilities, and big, open countertops.

Galley kitchen layout

The galley layout is named after ship kitchens – known in nautical lingo as “galleys”. It’s designed to fit as much as possible into a small space, with two long countertops facing each other.

But don’t be fooled. A galley kitchen doesn’t have to look as small and cramped as a ship’s cabin! Open the galley space out into a T-shape with a lateral dining room, or install French windows at one end of the galley to bring a sense of light and space.

Whatever kitchen layout you choose, our experts are here to help! Call today to arrange a design consultation.

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