Stress-Free Kitchen Remodeling

Maybe you have never seen those two phrases used together: “Stress-Free” and “Kitchen Remodeling.”  It is supposed to be a given that when you decide to take on a large project like a kitchen remodel, it will be a night mare, right?  Wrong.  Or at least, not necessarily.  We know that a large home renovation project is a big deal to the people in the home.  We make it our business at Distinguished Kitchens and Baths to know the ins and outs of remodeling and walk our clients through the entire process.  After years of experience, we have learned that good planning and communication up front, and throughout a project, results not only in a beautiful kitchen, but also in an easier transformation.  Our clients in Palm Beach, Broward County and all over South Florida will agree that we took the pain out of the process.

Kitchen Remodeling

Experience has shown us here at Distinguished Kitchens and Baths, that one of the most important things a couple can do to reduce stress is to communicate.  Sit down at the beginning of your kitchen remodel.  Have a dreaming session, and individually write out goals, desired outcomes, and budgets.  What is most important to each of you in the process?  What are “must haves” and “dream items?”  If you find that you are arguing about every detail, then take a step back and look at your “must have” lists.  Where can you compromise?  If no compromise seems possible, again, take a walk and a step back and revisit what you each want to accomplish with the renovation.  Often, we can find common ground on a larger scale, and then it is easier to go back to the details that will fit that vision.  Our highly skilled, experienced Cabinetry Designers are there to help you get through any rough spots.

Contact us today for your Palm Beach or Broward County kitchen remodel.  We’ll walk you through it with smiles intact.

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