Pros and cons of pinewood cabinets

In this week’s blogpost, we’re focusing in on pine wood: one of the most popular materials for carpenters and custom cabinet makers. Here’s everything you need to know about where pine comes from, and the pros and cons of pinewood cabinets.

All about pine wood

Pine trees grow all over the northern hemisphere, and there are more than 100 different varieties. However, they’re all characterized by a smooth texture and soft amber color. Pine wood is moisture resistant, and won’t swell or crack, so it’s a good choice for humid environments like bathrooms and busy kitchens.

Pine wood is also quite soft. That makes it easy to work and carve into custom-made cabinets. However, it’s also a weakness: pine wood can easily become dented or scratched unless it is properly cared for.

Should you get pine wood cabinets?

Pine wood cabinets are a beautiful and classic choice. Because of its soft texture, smooth grain and gentle color, it works well with both traditional and modern designs. And because it grows natively across the United States, it’s more affordable than many other natural woods.

You can choose to leave your pine wood cabinets with a natural finish, or paint them. Over time, the natural wood develops a beautiful patina which will be completely unique to your home. If you choose to paint over the wood instead, you will find that the smooth texture of pine wood takes a coat of paint very easily.

However, pine is not very hard-wearing. If you are worried about dents, scrapes or long-lasting use, then you may want to choose a more solid option – such as oak or birchwood.

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