Renovating Your Bathroom? Read These Tips

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Renovating your bathroom is an exciting project, but it can be very stressful too. The key to a good experience is good planning. Here’s our advice: take these 4 tips into account for an easy renovation and a satisfying result.


1. Think about how you use the space

Of course ,you’re excited to dive in with new designs and renovations. But before you get started, take a good look at how you use your current bathroom. Think about what kind of space you need, how many people use the bathroom, and their individual needs.

In particular, think about “pain points”. Make a list of all those little inconveniences. For example, maybe you’ve noticed that there’s never enough space to hang your towels, or you keep stubbing your toe on a corner cabinet. It’s time to fix those issues!

2. Design your lighting and ventilation

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room with a stuffy, dark bathroom? We bet you have. Many people forget all about light and air for their bathroom.
Once again, think about your needs, and what’s missing in your current set-up. Then talk to a designer to find a lighting solution that’s efficient, flattering, and tailored to you.

3. Be realistic about your storage needs

Think of all those magazine spreads and advertising photos of glossy bathrooms with empty counters. Unfortunately, life isn’t always so tidy!

Start thinking now about all the things you want to store in your bathroom. What do you want to keep to hand, by the mirror? Are you sharing the space, or stretching out in luxury?
Visit our designers in Boca Raton, Delray Beach or Pompano Beach. Our experts will help you to find a design that’s customized to your needs, budget, and aesthetic taste.

4. Plan a work sequence

When you finish planning, you should have a list of all the different tasks involved in your renovation. The next step is to put them in order. Make sure your renovations follow a logical order, so you don’t have to repeat jobs or spend hours cleaning up.

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