What are wood veneers?

Previously on the blog, we talked about the pros and cons of cabinets made from MDF. In the next post in the series, we’re discussing wood veneers. What are they? And are they the right choice for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets?

A wood veneer is a thin layer of finished and polished wood, which is fitted over a core of other material. The core could be made of another type of wood, MDF, or even particle board.

You can find veneers for almost every type of wood, including rare and exotic woods. Veneers are usually made from the very finest quality wood, so that they produce a smooth and beautiful surface.

You can also find artificial veneers, made from special paper treated with resin – but the quality will not be the same.

Pros and cons of wood veneers

Wood veneers are a great choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinets because they are strong, and last a long time.

Unlike a single block of wood, veneers don’t split or crack. They also have great environmental credentials.

Veneers cost less money, energy, and wood to produce. So if you want to design an eco-friendly kitchen or bathroom, then you should seriously consider wood veneers for your cabinet doors. And if you plan to install custom cabinet shapes, then veneers are also a good choice, because they are so versatile. Veneers can easily be cut to any size or shape.

Because veneers have to applied to the core block of wood, the quality of veneer application can vary. So it’s important to choose a reputable supplier, with experts who know what they’re talking about. Ask to see samples of veneers, and look closely to see if the surface is perfectly smooth.

Finally, make sure that you care for your wood veneer cabinets with the correct polish and sealant. This will protect them from any moisture damage or wear and tear over time.

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