What is a bathroom vanity?

One of our favorite parts of a bathroom renovation is helping people choose the right bathroom vanity. So this week, we’re looking into the history of this essential item – and its curious name.

Where does the word “vanity” come from?

Yes, bathroom vanities were originally named after the concept of “vanity” – being vain. But we don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little bit of vanity. Those peaceful few minutes that you spend on skincare or preparing your look for the day can be a valuable act of self-care.

How bathroom vanities have changed over time

The earliest vanities were simply a small table, with enough space for a jug and bowl of water to wash your face and hands. Later, bathroom vanities became more elaborate, with mirrors, drawers for cosmetics, and even a comfortable chair. They were often designed with elegant wooden carvings and soft fabrics.

Modern vanities usually include a well-lit mirror, a shelf, and perhaps a sink or storage space. It’s quite unusual to find a chair in modern bathrooms! And their style tends to be more simple and stripped-back. It’s part of the modern trend for clean, minimalist lines – and it’s much easier to clean.

Designing your bathroom vanity

When you invest in custom bathroom cabinets, you can choose the bathroom vanity that you want. Add more cupboard and drawer space, pick out an elegant sink design, and get the perfect lighting set-up so that you look your best. It’s up to you whether you choose a sleek modern design, or go old-school with luxurious furnishings and ornaments.

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