What is lyptus wood?

If you take a look at the DKB gallery of traditional kitchen designs, you might have spotted an unusual description. One of our favorite projects was a kitchen, fitted with cabinets in soft white… “with lyptus”. In today’s blog, we explain what lyptus is – and why it’s such a great material for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

What is lyptus wood?

Lyptus wood is a modern hybrid wood, made from two different eucalyptus tree species. Lyptus is grown in Brazil, and it only takes 15 years for trees to reach full maturity. 15 years might sound like a long time, but that’s a lot faster than other wood types like maple or cherrywood! And because lyptus is grown in plantations, it can be harvested without damaging natural forests.

Pros and cons of lyptus wood cabinets

Lyptus wood is hard and close-grained. It’s notable for its regular grain patterns, without natural knots or twists in the wood. It’s available in a range of natural colors, from salmon to deep red, and it can be made even darker with treatment.

Many cabinet makers recommend lyptus as an alternative to maplewood, cherrywood, or mahogany. It’s more cost-effective, and produces regular, smooth cabinets. And because it’s even tougher than oak, lyptus wood cabinets will last a long time.

Some people do prefer the variations in other natural woods. However, if you’re looking for a smart, affordable wood for custom cabinets, then lyptus is an excellent modern solution. 

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