Here is your list of zero waste kitchen essentials

We all care about the environment – and many of us are trying to cut down on the amount of plastic we use. If you’re interested in the zero-waste lifestyle, here are some easy ways to upgrade your kitchen routine.

Get set up with storage

First things first – stop using single-use plastic. This is easier than it sounds! Replace plastic containers with glass jars, reusable tupperware, and beeswax wraps. Look for zero-waste stores and markets in your area, where you can fill up your own containers, instead of buying food in plastic packages.

Use eco-friendly cleaning materials

Try to avoid harsh cleaning agents – they’ll wash into the water system and could damage the environment. Instead, use natural cleaning agents such as diluted vinegar. And it’s not just about going green: gentle cleaning agents are also better for your kitchen, especially if you have natural wood cabinets or natural stone countertops.

Sort waste into different containers

Not everyone has the space to start their own compost heap. But you can sort your recycling into glass, paper and metal to start with. Some cities have compost collection schemes or drop-off points. Get some small containers that fit in with your kitchen décor, and recycle in style.

Design for efficient water use

There are lots of ways to make your water usage more efficient in the kitchen. If you have a dishwasher, only run it when it’s full. If you wash dishes in the sink, try washing up in a small tub or basin so you don’t have to fill the whole sink every time. You can even install ultra-efficient faucets that will reduce your environmental impact… and your water bill.

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