4 ideas for custom cabinet handles you haven’t seen before

When you choose custom cabinets for your kitchen, bath or home renovation, then the details are important. From choosing the material to taking measurements for your kitchen cabinets, there are a lot of decisions to be made. So today, we’re focusing in on a key detail that some people overlook: cabinet door handles!

Leather handles

Here’s a trend which is popular with British designers: smart leather handles to pull cabinet doors open. You can choose from a wide range of colors. Leather handles are a quirky conversation piece, and they add a note of classic luxury to more modern designs.

Mix-and-match china

Colorful china tiles and patterns are already popular for flooring and bathroom designs. But what about porcelain cabinet handles?

Once again, you can choose from a wide range of colors and shapes. Blue and white porcelain painted in Turkish style is very popular, as well as mixing up different designs to add a pop of zany color to your custom kitchen cabinets.

Hidden handles

If those eye-catching design suggestions don’t appeal to you, then try something more discreet. Look for custom cabinet designs that have concealed handles.

There are two types. First, some cabinet doors can be opened by simply pushing the door lightly. Pushing the door activates a spring so that the door swings open.

The other option is to have recesses carved into your cabinet doors. You can grip the recessed space to open the cabinet, but from the outside, it looks as if the door is smooth and has no handle.

Contrasting materials

Finally, here’s a very 2019 trend: mixing different materials. Try bright copper handles on wooden cabinets and drawers, dark wooden handles against stainless steel, or even clear glass handles against wood or metal.

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