5 unusual ideas to maximize storage space in your home

It’s a problem that many of us face: How can you make the most of the storage space in your home? However much cabinet space we start with, our possessions always seem to pile up. So here are 5 new ideas to help you maximize space. Take a look – you might find a solution you’ve never seen before.

#1 On the stairs

The space between each step on a flight of stairs is called a riser. But did you know that they don’t have to be closed off? Install a staircase with “open” risers to use as bookshelves – or turn them into  tiny, cute cabinets to store odds and ends. Take a look at this example.

#2 Use vertical space

Here’s another idea from architect David Money, who built the book-stairs in the previous section. He’s also installed custom, countertop-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets. Just make sure you have a step handy to reach the top shelf!

Another, more accessible way to use vertical space is to hang storage racks or shelves on the back of cabinet doors. Ask your kitchen cabinet designer about how to include narrow-fit shelves in your desin.

#3 Small, custom shelves or cabinets

Do you have any “awkward” spaces in your house? Strange-shaped corners, odd spaces between kitchen features, and so on? Think about installing custom-built cabinets. These can be adapted to any size and shape, so that you don’t waste an inch of potential storage space.

#4 Make your furniture work

Have you ever thought about how much floorspace a couch takes up? Even an armchair or a footstool covers more space than you think. Try putting that space to work – by using the hollow inside for storage. If you really need more space at home, then it’s worth shopping around for this style of furniture.

#5 Raised floor storage

Last of all, don’t forget about the floor! If you have a split-level room in your house, then you can use the hollow beneath the higher floor for storage. Take a look at this example, from a collection of dream house designs by Architecture & Design magazine.

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