Why Custom Cabinets?

I bet we have your attention now as we used one of the scariest words in the kitchen remodel business…CUSTOM. Hold on, come back and sit down. We are going to explain about custom cabinetry, and let you know why you might want to consider them, and why they are not really scary at all. You know how little kids are afraid of the monster under the bed, and in reality, there is nothing there? So you go and get the flashlight, shine it under there, showing them the truth, and then they can rest easy. That is similar to how we handle custom work in a remodel as we shine the light toward your direction with our wealth of knowledge. There really is nothing to be afraid of, and the really weird thing is, choosing to do custom cabinets in your North Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale abode can actually save money. Our designers at Distinguished Kitchens and Baths are here to show you how.

Custom Cabinets
So what is custom cabinetry anyway? Does it mean that each piece in your new kitchen has gone through the gauntlet being individually chosen, designed, and worked out, with odd measurements, then painstakingly (and expensively) built on site? Not at all. What custom cabinetry means is that you and your designer decide and prioritize exactly what you need, then expertly fit any space while ensuring you maintain a proper form and function. It means that we take care of the details to ensure your desires are made to your exact needs in the factory, and then installed in your North Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale home. Of course, there is a cost associated with certain customizations, and it is your designer’s job to guide you through the process, gaining you the most value in your investment. Choosing custom cabinetry where needed often saves money. For instance, cabinetry for tight spaces, odd spaces, or special usages will be designed to specifically fit your needs, saving wasted space in your kitchen, as well as providing a proper aesthetic.

Contact us today at Distinguished Kitchens and Baths, and let us show you that there is no bogeyman in custom cabinetry. DKB Cabinetry: Custom. Cabinetry. Redefined.

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