How to save space in kitchen cabinets

Between kitchen appliances, food stores, cutlery and crockery, it can be a real challenge to find enough storage space in your kitchen. In our latest blog, we share our top tips to maximize and save space in your kitchen cabinets.

Use the whole space

First things first: are you really using all the space that’s available? Check whether you have any storage space that’s filled up with junk. Look into cabinets and drawers and see whether you’ve maximized space, or only used a part of it.

Use gadgets like door hangers, drawer organizers and racks to make sure that you fill every cabinet. Remember, everything you store should still be accessible. Choose solutions like wheeled racks on turntables so that you don’t lose anything at the back of your cabinets.

Do a regular spring cleaning

Kitchens are busy spaces – and sometimes the junk piles up without us noticing. Make a point of going through your kitchen cabinets and getting rid of the things you don’t use. Throw expired condiments and sauces in the trash. Donate those appliances that you got as a gift, and never used.

Use your counter space

Kitchen design right now is all about openness. So don’t be afraid to put your kitchen tools on display! If there are any appliances or foods which you use regularly, keep them on the counter and make them a feature of your interior design. You can display attractive plates on open wall shelving, too.

Design cabinets to suit the space

If your kitchen has any awkward nooks and crannies, you might think that they’re useless for storage. But with the right custom cabinet, you can make the most of that space! Ask one of our experts to come for an in-home consultation. We’ll help you see the storage space that you never noticed – and design the perfect cabinet to fit.

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