Kitchen Design Common Pitfalls, Part 2

If you tuned in last week, then you know that we are discussing common mistakes that are made during the kitchen renovation process. These errors can all be avoided with a knowledgeable design team working with you to make sure that your kitchen is all that it can be. At Distinguished Kitchens and Baths, we have years of combined experience resulting in the know how and expertise to get your renovation going and to keep it moving with ease. We are ready to turn your tired Palm Beach kitchen into the best room in the house!

Kitchen Design

The next big rule of designing a beautiful and functional kitchen is “Thou Shalt Design for Plenty of Counter Space.” Inadequate counter space is a common problem in kitchen renovation and design. Cooking has become much more creative, and a hobby for many people. Gone are the days of boxed mashed potatoes and instant meals. Today’s kitchens require space for prep, chopping, utilizing and storing appliances and more. You can boost your counter space by incorporating an island or a breakfast bar. That brings us to “Thou Shalt Choose The Proper Island for Your Space.” We tend to think of islands as must haves these days, however, choosing the wrong island or having it in a bad location will make things worse, not better. Islands need to leave room for people to move around them and should be at least 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. This means that your Palm Beach kitchen needs to be at least 8 by 12 to get the most out of your island.

The last pitfall is trying to go it alone. This is not a plug for our business, it is just a fact. Kitchen renovations are complicated things with many factors to consider and include. Spending time with professionals can save you time, money and headaches. Call us today at Distinguished Kitchens and Baths to see how we can get your kitchen renovation up and running.

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