Maple wood cabinets: the pros and cons

Planning a kitchen or Bathroom Renovation with new cabinets? There’s a dazzling choice of materials out there – but chances are, maple wood is near the top of your list. In the latest instalment of our blogposts about cabinet materials, we find out why maple is the wood of choice for so many carpenters and interior designers.

What is maple wood?

Maple wood is a classic natural wood, in a pale color. It grows all over the world, from Africa to Europe, Asia, and North America. It’s soft-grained and durable, which means that it stands the test of time. And maple “finishes” well: it’s easy to add stains and glazes.

Most of the maple wood in the United States is sugar maple, also known as hard maple. It’s available in a range of grades, from rough commercial timber to fine woodworking materials.

Is maple a good choice for cabinets?

Because of its soft grain, maple works well with both Traditional and Contemporary designs. And because it’s hard and durable, your maple cabinets should last for years.

Natural woods are very popular at the moment, and there’s a good reason why maple leads the list. It has natural waves and “bird’s-eye” patterns in the grain, which look very attractive when they are varnished or stained.

Of course, like every natural wood, maple can come with a high price tag. If you have the budget, it’s worth investing in genuine American sugar maple for your bathroom or kitchen remodel. However, you could look into maple veneers for a more affordable option.

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