Kitchen Design Common Pitfalls, Part 1

Kitchens are often the heart of the home these days, used for eating, casual drinks with friends, socializing, as well as cooking. You want a kitchen that is both lovely to look at and functional. When you are thinking about kitchen design, whether for a new home or for a renovation, there are some common […]

Make 2018 The Year Of Your Dream Kitchen!

Kitchen design has changed dramatically in the past 5 years alone. If your kitchen was last updated 10 years ago, or more, it is likely showing it’s years and looking rather out of date and worn. At Designer Kitchens and Baths, our contemporary kitchen cabinets are in line with the latest design ideas. This is […]

Why Custom Cabinets?

I bet we have your attention now as we used one of the scariest words in the kitchen remodel business…CUSTOM. Hold on, come back and sit down. We are going to explain about custom cabinetry, and let you know why you might want to consider them, and why they are not really scary at all. […]

Stress-Free Kitchen Remodeling

Maybe you have never seen those two phrases used together: “Stress-Free” and “Kitchen Remodeling.”  It is supposed to be a given that when you decide to take on a large project like a kitchen remodel, it will be a night mare, right?  Wrong.  Or at least, not necessarily.  We know that a large home renovation […]

Kitchen Design Redefined

Customer service comes first with Distinguished Kitchens and Bath.  We will never tell you what you “have to do” or push you towards something that is trendy and fashionable right now, in order to clear inventory or pad our bottom line.  Our designers have a passion for helping clients to create their own dream kitchens, […]

An investment in your investment

At DKB, we know that for most people, resale value is something that needs to be considered, whether you are in Boca Raton or Miami.  Most of us move more frequently than previous generations, making it unlikely that you will stay in your first or second home forever.  Kitchens top the list of rooms that […]

Let’s talk about the “R” word

You know what I mean, the word that home owners both dread and dream of: Remodeling.   At Distinguished Kitchens and Baths, we understand both sides of your dilemma.  You really would love to have your Manhattan dream kitchen, and you want to avoid the negative stories you have heard about other people going through a […]

No time like the present!

No time like the present! Have you been putting off something big?  You know, that something major that maybe you just can’t ignore anymore?  That’s right, I am talking about those cabinets from the 90’s (or the 70’s!), and the appliances that function, but make you cringe when you walk into your kitchen.  Distinguished Kitchens […]

Cabinetry or Lifestyle?

Why not both? Often we settle for less than what we want in life: boring job that pays the bills and/or a boring house that fits the budget…. Maybe you never thought of kitchen cabinets as a life changer, and maybe they are not. However, there is a saying that states, “Dress for the job […]

Ways To Customize The Kitchen

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